Scribe and Mentor:

WhyTwo Services?


You could be forgiven for thinking that being both a scribe and a mentor (or a copywriter and a writing coach) are an odd combination. Wouldn’t it be better for my business if I focused on one? Am I not robbing myself of opportunities by offering writing coaching, too? Well, to be honest, I’ve asked myself those questions, and the answer to both is no. I can be a scribe and a mentor without harming my business. I’m passionate about sharing my writing abilities with others, so in my book they go hand in hand with each other. I want my clients to succeed – whether I’m doing the writing for them, or whether I’m imparting my skills and coaching them towards success.


I Can Give You Everything

You NeedTo Succeed


Content Writing

Businesses and charities alike need content for websites and print publications. My experience as a copywriter gives me the skills necessary to create exceptional content to meet your needs.

Digital Marketing

Are you bewildered by the different types of digital marketing? Do you struggle with landing pages, email newsletters and social media content? Let me help! Years of experience give me the cutting edge.

Courses & Resources

For my mentoring clients, I produce courses and resources that can help you overcome challenges in your writing - whether academic or business - and give you confidence to succeed.

Coaching & Mentoring

I'm passionate about teaching students and businesses how to write effectively. I work with you to find the best approach - plus, my coaching is done online, so I can work with anyone, anywhere.

My WorkExceeds Expectations


Quality comes at a cost, but my value-based pricing means that everyone gets a good deal. My clients understand the value of my work, and get an excellent ROI.



With every copywriting project I undertake, my goal is always to deliver the kind of content that my clients need for their business or charity



Understanding what my clients expect from their digital marketing is key to delivering the best possible results. I aim to always give my best.



In producing courses for my mentees,  I aim to make learning easy and enjoyable. I aim to impart my knowledge in a way that's accessible.



Whether coaching students or businesses, what matters most is understanding their needs and helping to overcome any challenges.

Ariella's skill in delivering high quality content on time and her passion for writing has made for a pleasurable working experience. What's more, her writing has increased the traffic to our website within a few short weeks and we've already seen a ROI in terms of revenue. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Ariella again, and am happy to be able to recommend her.