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Copywriting Services

I’m a copywriting specialist in web copy and digital marketing content. I don’t limit myself to those areas, though. If you need e-books, articles, brochures, leaflets, or even a full-length book or training manual writing, I can do that. My services are tailored to your needs and priced on a per-project basis in most cases. I have done extensive work in the areas of SEO, alternative health, mental health, foreign child sponsorship and pet care – but I’m happy to hear from businesses and non-profits in other industries, too.

Web Content Writing

When you only have 5 seconds to convince your website visitors they need your product or service, every word counts. Our web content writing service has a proven track record in boosting conversions and revenue. 

Email Marketing Copy

The content of your email marketing campaigns dictates the success of your campaign. KA Copy Creation has years’ of experience in getting the tone right and increasing conversions and click through rates.


Social Media Content

In the digital age, social media content is great for getting your business noticed. We can take the stress out of your social media, providing copy that’s targeted to your ideal customers.

Keyword Targeted Copy

Keyword Targeting is an SEO strategy that helps businesses beat their competitors and reach more potential customers. Our keyword targeted copy provides quality SEO-friendly text that gets your business noticed.

Digital Marketing Copy

When it comes to landing pages, PPC advertisements, and other forms of digital marketing, every word counts. We have years of experience and a track record in producing copy for our clients that increases click-through-rate and sales.

Regular Content

Having regularly updated content on your website, such as blogs, articles and reviews, can boost your online presence and website ranking. We offer a subscription package of regular content for busy business=owners wanting to boost their revenue.

Our Promise

At Kingdom Academia, I only supply high quality content. My pricing structure reflects the quality of my writing, and the additional extras that come as part of every writing project such as writing and revisions. I promise to deliver the very best content for your needs, at a price that is going to give you a great ROI.

How I Work

Before I start any writing project, I take time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. I have a client brief form that I ask every client to complete, which allows me to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve. 

I’ll ask you to sign a service contract, and pay a 50% deposit, with the remainder due once you’ve signed off on the completed writing. Many copywriters don’t publish their prices online, but I believe that it’s important to be up front about these things, so you can find my price list here

My prices include research, writing, and up to two rounds of revisions.

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