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Academic coaching packagesAcademic Coaching Packages Testimonial

Ariella was amazing at tutoring me through my degree. I subscribed to one of the academic coaching packages – the Gold Support Package – and it was more than worth the money I paid! When I started university as a distance learning student, I really struggled.

My tutors weren’t very helpful, and I really thought I’d never finish the course. The course guides were confusing, and the assignment guidance didn’t really help. I had no idea how to structure essays, or do referencing. With the academic coaching packages, you learn everything you need to do well. The coaching was tailored to my needs, and it was great knowing I could have extra coaching sessions if I needed them – and I often did! By the end of my degree, I had much more confidence in structuring essays. In my final year I was getting over 75% on some of my essays!

Kingdom Academia took me from a 2:2 student to graduating with a 2:1. Could not recommend them more. I know that without the support I received, I would not have graduated with a 2:1!

Academic Writing Support Testimonial

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Academic writing supportAcademic Writing Support Testimonial

Ariella was a massive support throughout my time at University. She always had an answer for anything I was struggling with and offered different ways of looking at things. I would have struggled a lot predominantly in my third year with my dissertation if it wasn’t for Ariella’s guidance and 1:1 support she provided. She was always so patient, and always there when I needed help. I’m happy to recommend Kingdom Academia’s academic writing support. My university wasn’t much help when I was struggling, and the help Kingdom Academia gave me was invaluable. I learnt such a lot about study skills and developing my writing.

Academic Coaching Student Testimonial

Academic coaching student testimonial Kingdom Academia

Academic Coaching Student Testimonial

Dissertation Support

When I was in a panic about my dissertation, the advice I received was very helpful and reassuring! I was able to focus on my next steps systematically and I learned the skills to become more critical in my writing. My academic writing skills weren’t up to scratch before. I wish I’d known about Kingdom Academia earlier in my course! Actually, I found out about these services through another academic coaching student testimonial on Facebook.

I used the dissertation boot camp to get the right level of support and advice. For me,  it was great to be guided through the whole process of writing my dissertation, and even formatting it. To be honest, I don’t think I would have been able to finish on time if it wasn’t for the great support and coaching that I received from Kingdom Academia. It was tempting to use one of the essay writing services, but was shocked by their prices, and worried that I’d be caught cheating.

The dissertation boot camp ended up being a much better option. Now I know I have the skills that I need to succeed in my career as a psychologist. I’ll definitely be using Kingdom Academia’s services during my postgraduate studies, too!